Get close, touch, relate.


There is no progress.

It is present-oriented.

It is organic.

It is generally dark and dim.

It is to every thing there is a season.

I find beauty can spontaneously occur at any moment. It just needs some context, or point of view. Thus, it is a state of consciousness that is altered under certain circumstances.

I turn off the light, close the curtains leaving just a beam of light, and ask “Have you watched ‘Wings of Desire’ ?”. “No.” is always the answer I get. “It doesn’t matter.” I reply, “Just feel the words. ‘wings’, ‘desire’. ”

I watch my subject as I capture the minor and hidden spontaneity through that murky view finder. Things are so subtle and evanescent under that beam of light in the dark that it becomes invisible to unheedful eyes. Seeing light is a metaphor for seeing the invisible in the visible, for detecting the fragile illustrative garment that holds our planet and all existence together. I embrace the absence of light. I exhibit the effects of accident and show the result of just letting go.

Still, I pay attention to the light. “Once we have learned to see light, surely everything else will follow.” - Arthur Zajonc